Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shawn likes The Super Friends Lunchbox

Super Friends would have to be my all time favorite TV show of all time - yes, even beating out Fame! ;-)

As you'll see - time and time again, I love group shots and this is a superhero lovers dream! 16 (16!) characters all packed on a metal lunch box with a hot purple plastic handle. Things suddenly make so much more sense about me and my future life.

Although I love this so much it always bothered me / worried me that on my thermos Batman's face is green. Wasn't my thermos doing it's job?

I could also never decide if, on the back of the lunchbox, Flash was trying to hit Batgirl - or hold her hand.

Although this wasn't my first lunch box (that honor goes to the 2-in-1 lunchbox of Inch High Private Eye / Goober and the Ghost Chasers), this was my favorite lunchbox by far!

When I first saw it in the store I wanted it so much, but couldn't get it. I can still remember the Saturday when Mom came home from work and said that she stopped at the store (probably Hills or K-Mart) and got it for me.

I was so happy to have it that I hugged it tight and then ran around the outside of the house, still hugging it and singing that I love it. What a dippy little kid I was, LOL - okay - still am!


Dragonfly said...

You know I have a Christmas Ornament of this lunchbox, yes?

Shawn said...

Yes - and did you notice that they came close to matching the artwork (at least in poses) but it isn't an exact copy?

Dragonfly said...

A necessary evil due to the size, I suppose. I do remember that the Batgirl is very similar. I may have to dig that ornament out of my basement to compare.