Friday, April 18, 2008

Shawn likes FIZGIG!

FIZGIG! is a fun game that you can play
if you head on over to Game Show Network's website -

As seen in the helpful hint above -
you move different firework icons into groups of three.

Once they match up - the tile behind the item disappears.

Then, all of the items that are left on the screen fall down -
and other icons take their place.

But of course - it's not SO easy
because you have to do all of that before the 'timer countdown bar' disappears.

Once you clear ALL of the tiles
(including the very last one on the right hand side.........)

Your level is complete.

By the way - that isn't a 'flash reflection' on the screen - it's your celebratory fireworks display!

Now that you know HOW to play - GO and play!

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