Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shawn likes the new Kylie Minogue album X

How do I begin to say how much I love Kylie Minogue?
Hmmm - let me think ................
Take the statement "Shawn loves Kylie" - cut and paste it 12,479,551,359 times and it would only be a fraction of the amount!
Short of family and friends, nothing has brought me as much joy in my life as the music of Kylie Minogue.

Today Kylie's new album, X, is released in America and I'm ecstatic.
X is Kylie's 10th studio album and a welcome addition to her body of work.

It's also her first album after her bout with breast cancer, and a few of the songs actually touch on her experiences while still retaining the glossy style and upbeat manner that people expect from Kylie.
The songs No More Rain, The One, and Cosmic delve into her situation, yet remain positive.

Heartbeat Rock and All I See (the first American single and a great choice for the US, I think) are stand-out tracks - but the penutimate song for me is WOW!, which after the first time I heard it, rocketed to #3 on my list of all time favorite Kylie Minogue songs - - - it's that good, great, fantastic!

Below, I've posted the first three UK singles from X, and you can also listen to samples of the album through iTunes.
I'm eager to hear what YOU guys think of the album! ;-)

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