Sunday, April 6, 2008

Shawn likes The Super Dictionary

Today it's time to talk
about the Super Dictionary.

The Super Dictionary was published in 1978 when I was 10 years old and I remember
that I thought it was the greatest reference book ever!

Before I got this book I'm not sure how I managed
to know the definitions of words.

But with the superheroes help - I believe
that my vocabulary improved dramatically.

In fact, I think you should go
to eBay and bid on a copy for yourself - do it right now!


Dragonfly said...

Now that is an aweseom entry--looks like a cool book, too. Better than the Marvel Fitness book I had.

Shawn said...

Oh I don't know about that - YOU are still pretty fit and trim so it must have worked!

Dragonfly said...

The best parts were "Hulk not dumbell--Hulk work out with dumbell!" (Tiny, tiny curling dumbells), Sue wondering if Reed would notice how slim she was, and the last chapter, which was J. Jonah Jameson doing cool down excercises.

They put the Thing in some pretty interesting poses too, as I recall.